Hand Fodder Slicer

This machine is mainly used for the processing of grain processing plants and farmers in mountainous areas and semi-mountainous areas.
This cutting machine is mainly used in food processing, such as dried sweet potato stem, shredded radish dry, etc., in terms of farming, such as feed the chicken, duck, goose, pigs, cattle and sheep, feed the fish, crab, turtle, etc., can also do wine cutting jobs.
High efficiency Manual radish potato cutting machine animal food cutter pig fodder cutting machine.

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Cassava cucumber pumpkin potato cutting machine fodder slicer
Apply to: cutting Sweet potato, radish,pumpkin,taro,potato, cucumber, cassava, gourd etc.
Model: GT-AM-PSM300
Type: Hand
Power: Motor can be added ,then can become electric power
Capacity: 200-300kg/h
Weight: 5kg
Thickness of the slice: about 8mm


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