UV Disinfection Lamp


Input Voltage: 220V 50 Hz
Rating Power: 36W
Using area: <40 square meter

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Sterilization and odour removal principles
UV sterilization principle
a ) Sterilization—UV
UV is the generic term of 100-400nm wavelength radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum, it is divided into UVA, UVB, UVC and UVD (14 bands, but only UVC has sterilisation effect, especially the 253.7nmUV ray, which has the strongest sterilization effect.
b.) How UVC kills the bacterial viruses?
By irradiating microorganisms like bacteria and viruses, UVC can destroy the molecular structure of DNA or RNA in microorganisms ‘cell and cause the break of DNA chain and crosslink between nucleic acids and proteins, which can cause the death of growth and Regenerative cells and achieve the sterilization effect’s, Ozone sterilization principle
c.) Ozone O3 has strong oxidization, it can destroy the cell wall of bacterium and oxidize and decompose high polymers like glucose oxidase, RNA, DNA, protein, lipid and saccharides, which can cause the death of bacterium and achieve the sterilization effect.


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